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Mobiflux Review



Mobiflux Review – Introduction

The fact is that 85% to 90% of the web traffic is mobile based. However, many online marketers are trying to convert it using the same old tricks such as Exit Intent or Pop-ups that no longer work since Widgets like exit-intent or pop-ups is not designed for Mobile phones, and mobile phone users don’t expect to see them. Actually, they only irritate your visitors, making them close your site.

In order to gain more high-quality traffic to gain big success, you have to find out a truly game-changing tool to solve that problem, right?

Therefore, I want to show you a brand new solution tool called Mobiflux- a brand new tool which sends traffic anywhere you want with 100% Mobile compatible banner ads and interstitial Mobile ads on your webpage. It is considered the most powerful mobile viral locker that FORCES your visitors to get you EVEN MORE visitor. Now, why don’t you check it out my Mobiflux Review for more details?

Mobiflux Review – Overview

Vendor:               Cyril Jeet
Product:              Mobiflux
Launch Date:     2018-Oct-26
Launch Time:    11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$17-$27
Recommend:      Highly Recommend
Home Page:        http://mobiflux.in/
Refund:               30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche:                  General

Mobiflux Review – What Is Mobiflux?
Mobiflux is known as a brand new, powerful software which allows you to capture, boost as well as multiply your mobile traffic. With, you will be able to increase user attention and action by popping up your ad and CTA after a few seconds. Click Here to check it out

Best selling on Amazon

Mobiflux Review – Feature Details
Today in my Mobiflux Review, I want to show what you get in this program

Set up quickly your Banner or Ads
Mobiflux allows you to upload your graphics and put in the link of the URL wherever you want in order to drive traffic.

Make your mobile traffic take action by showing mobile style banner ads and CTA only to them
Fully manage your ad fill rate
If you want to display an ad only for a specific percentage of visitors, you can feel free to choose to show any percent that you want.

It contains 25 ready-to-use PSD templates. Therefore, you will be able to edit, modify and then implement instantly
Rotate your ads
Mobiflux contains “Round robin or random rotation” which allows you to show different ads at different times as you wish.

Set up your Viral Content Multiplier
Set up instantly your content multiplier with full control over colors, graphics, text, and headlines.

Round-robin sequencing helps you to pitch multiple offers and choose exactly how much exposure you wish for each
Configure your email notifications
Mobiflux lets you write the text you want with the purpose of sending to your visitors when the content is unlocked.

Review your performance
Check your reports instantly in order to see how your campaigns are doing. There is a full reporting and A&B testing shows you what works and what does not.

Mobiflux Review – How Does It Work?
Since it is regarded as a newbie-friendly tool that contains almost all of the automated features, I consider Mobiflux is quite easy for everyone even total newbies to get started right away.

Videos speak louder than words, right? Now you can take a look at Mobiflux Quick Demo Video on the link below in order to know how to use it yourself since it is too much it can do to be shown in my Mobiflux Review.

Who Should Use It?
As far as I know, Mobiflux is created especially for all who are working as Affiliates, smaller site owners and entrepreneurs Website Owners, eCom Marketers, Business Owners, Online marketers, MMO, Beginners and more

Pros and Cons

Easy to follow plus
Get the best CTRs
25 ready-to-use PSD templates
100% mobile compatible rewards mechanism that is also powerfully secure
Grab leads and send them to your favorite autoresponder instantly
30-day money back guarantee

I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of Mobiflux yet.

Mobiflux Review – User experience
I got MobiFlux review access from the vendor last week so today I’m going to make the honest review for you.

Note1: this is a WP Plugin so you have to install it into your website but I’m not going to instruct how to install here because installing a new plugin is so easy.

There are 3 types of campaigns inside WP Mobiflux, including: Mobile Banner Ads, Mobile Interstitial Ads, Traffic Multiplier

I’m going to explain one by one for you.

A/Mobile Banner Ads:

This module allows you to insert a banner ad to your mobile header or mobile footer. When your mobile visitors click these banner ads, they will be taken to the place under your link you set up before.

Using this module is really easy.

Take a look to my screenshot below, here are few settings you need to set up:

  1. You are able to set up your banner on 2 different positions: Header or Footer

And you have some other settings like Show Rate (all visits or % your visits, show it to repeat visitor or not, rotation settings, or global banner ad)

You see there are 2 ads on my mobile page, one on the header and the other inside my post content. This drives a lot of attention from your visitors and it helps you increase CTR for your banner.

B/ Mobile Interstitial Ads:

When you create a campaign with this kind of ads, there is an ad available on the full screen. Your mobile visitors need to click to close it or click through it.

Setting up this module is so easy too. It’s similar to the previous module.

Here is an overview about Mobile Interstitial Ads setting:

  1. Once saved, your campaign is ready to go.

And now take a look to my mobile screenshot below, this is my screenshot when I use my mobile to visit my post I set up before.

C/ Traffic Multiplier:

This module forces your mobile visitors to share your post with others to unlock the content post.

It will be like below:

  1. Your visitors are mandatory to copy the link and share to their friends. Once this link gets enough 5 visitors, the content will be unlocked.

They are able to put their emails to get notifications once the content is unlocked.

D/A & B Testing:

  1. It allows you to do A/B test for your 2 ads, and then you know what ads campaign is converting better.

E/Traffic Multiplier Records:

  1. If Visitors put their emails into the notification box, their emails are available on this section along with referral counts they get.

I like this module because you can collect these emails and you are able to do some email marketing campaigns later.

In my Mobiflux Review today, I want to say that is a useful tool since it is the world’s first product which allows you to transform how you treat your mobile traffic. Mobiflux will help you to start getting results right away. Even when at this moment, your site got only 10 daily visitors per day, Mobiflux can still help you to boost your traffic and lead. All you need to do is just implement it on your sites today and watch 10 turns into 15, then into 20, and your lead collection soar as Mobiflux quickly multiplies your visitors as you want.

I consider the best part is that this tool helps you to bring your visitor back again and again by sending them email notifications when their content is unlocked.

Evaluation & Price
From my point of view, this software has everything you need to start making money as an Amazon associate. I consider Mobiflux is your passport to success since it allows you to send quickly your mobile traffic to any landing page or sale page as well as bring traffic to the multiplier from Facebook, Youtube, Email marketing, Google ad or solo ads. Thus, I highly recommend you to give it a try to use Mobiflux. Moreover, I get the good news that this tool offers a discount time for 3 days which means you can have the chance to purchase it at a reasonable price at this time- $17-$27. Furthermore, it also offers you a 30-day refund which means you can have the time to consider if it is a really right tool for you.

Beside, Mobiflux has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

-Front-End (MobiFlux – $17-$27) (See Details)

-OTO 1 (MobiFlux Pro – $37) (See Details)

-OTO 2 (MobiFlux Developer – $47) (See Details)

-OTO 3 (MobiFlux Agency/Whitelabel – $67/$197) (See Details)

-OTO 4 (Traffic Generator Pack – $47) (See Details)

And here are some upsell features:

In conclusion, I hope that everything in my Mobiflux Review can help you to you make a right buying decision. I am looking forward to your success. You can check it out its official website now in order to get more details. Thank you for reading my review patiently. See you in my next review!